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December 3rd, 2023 19:48

T5600 CPU upgrade

Hello there! I was thinking of upgrading the processor in my workstation to an E5-2667 V2, but in the owner's manual the data cache is specified up to 20mb, and the processor has a 25mb cache. Will there be any problem with this small difference?

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December 4th, 2023 00:00

T5600 user benchmark shows E5-2667 V0 is compatible and there is zero evidence that E5-2667 V2 is compatible.

the difference is that V0 is sandy bridge EP, V2 is ivy bridge EP.

although both use LGA2011 socket, Dell is often notorious for not writing bios update to support newer cpu.  In this case no bios support for V2 IVB-EP.

V0 is 32 nm cpu.

V2 is 22 nm newer cpu with a bigger cache as you noted, fundamentally a different class of cpu compared to V0.

The LGA 2011 socket is used by Sandy Bridge-E/EP and Ivy Bridge-E/EP processors with the corresponding X79 (E – enthusiast class) and C600-series (EP – Xeon class) chipsets.  T5600 has C600 chipset.


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December 4th, 2023 00:05

The E5-2667 15M will work but not the E5 v2.  If preferred, look for E5-2667 SR0KP.

Example of working E5-2667 here and here.

December 4th, 2023 18:04

Thanks for the answers! Appreciate it 🙂

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