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October 31st, 2022 07:00

Dell precision 5530 - Coil whine issue

I've bought used Dell precision 5530 (pre-lease) and I'm facing issue with something I found has a name "coil whining". It appears after every action on laptop (scrolling, page refresh, vides watching etc) is being made. I've been surfing the Internet/ youtube vidoes but haven't found strict response if this problem can be fixed/ limited somehow. 

Some say usage of thermal paste on CPU/GKU can help, others to replace the motherboard and others it just can't be fixed.

Can someone clarify the problem for me?

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October 31st, 2022 08:00

Essentially, coil whine is the audible effect of components vibrating, especially when under high load / high power. It can sound like a whine or a rattle or a vibration. This happens with many components, but often it's not loud enough for us to hear or at a frequency that we don't hear well.

These two pages have more explanation and some tips to reduce the effect:

Unfortunately, you may not be able to eliminate it to your satisfaction. Much depends upon how you use your computer, the acoustic qualities of your room, other ambient noise, etc.

I once had a Netgear router whose coil whine was particularly annoying to me. I found that the volume varied among units of the identical model. I tried two or three other units of the same model in the store, and found one that I couldn't hear. Even though they were the same model, same components and power supply, two or three of them were loudly annoying to me, but the last one was inaudible.

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