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April 20th, 2011 08:00

Print Head Drum (PHD) Replacement

I have a 1320c laser printer and have been very pleased with it since the day I got it - though I didn't know the PHD would need replacement.  Now 6 months later, I've almost hit 20,000 copies and the little exclamation point has blinked on.

My question is, how soon must I replace the PHD? . . . it still seems to be printing fine (especially if I do  an occasional refresh).

I have a replacement, so that is not a problem . . . I just want to get as much life out of the existing one as I can . . . sort of like the toner cartridges - the replace light goes on but I wait until the error msg comes saying "replace now" - will something like this also happen with the PHD?

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April 21st, 2011 20:00


The only notation I can find on the Comsumables is that the "Expected Replacement Cycle" for DT574 PHD unit is 20,000 pages. I would use it until you start seeing diminshed printing.

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