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July 31st, 2023 05:00

2022 Knowledge Sharing Article - When TRUE Collaboration Means Going Global

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Attention, architects, designers, and creative minds worldwide! Are you facing challenges in managing an ever-growing number of media files that need to be accessed in real-time, across the globe, while ensuring top-notch performance, sustainability, and security? Look no further, as we have an article that holds the key to unlocking the true potential of collaborative editing!

Discover the cutting-edge system design that empowers multiple users from different corners of the world to access and edit the same media simultaneously. Say goodbye to geographical barriers as this system allows globally dispersed teams to seamlessly share content, exchange ideas, and make working decisions together.

Join us as we delve into the end-user experience of this virtual Desktop Render farm, 3D (3 Dimensional) modeling, After Effects, and Video editing, all the way up to a global object storage repository. The article showcases how this transformative system, developed for a major Media & Entertainment group, relies on a combination of innovative technologies, from end-users to edge to core Data Centers.

This collaborative design is specifically tailored to support home office workers, ensuring no compromise on performance while handling data-heavy content. The agility of this architecture is unmatched, offering a block-by-block infrastructure that outperforms conventional monolithic platforms.

But here's the exciting part – this system's potential extends beyond the Media & Entertainment industry. Whether you're in architecture, design, or any other field requiring collaborative large file editing with a central repository, this article holds invaluable insights.

Discover how to build and design such an architecture, and most importantly, gain vital sizing guidelines for optimal implementation. This document uncovers a disruptive approach that combines innovative components with 3rd party products, making it the ultimate solution for meeting performance challenges.

Are you ready to revolutionize creativity and collaboration in architecture and design? Download and read the full article to embark on this extraordinary journey

Don't forget to share your thoughts, experiences, and takeaways from the article in the comments below. Let's engage in a discussion that fuels innovation and creativity across the globe! ️

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