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January 15th, 2008 17:00

What to do with Error Code 7 in Hard Drive Diagnostics

I started having program crashes (explorer, fifa, etc) a few days ago. Ran spyware checks and found nothing. Ran ScanDisk and found 4Kb in bad sectors (?). Ran Hard Drive Diagnostics at the boot menu which reported Error Code 7. Went to Utility Partition from boot menu and ran hard drive tests, which found a bad block.

I was going to buy a new HD since my PC's out of warranty, but came across someone's post recommending SpinRite v6, which IDs and puts away isolated bad areas of a hard drive.

I went to wikipedia's page on the program and saw a free alternative called Victoria. Unfortunately it doesn't offer English manual or help, only an English interface.

I didn't want to spend the money, so I tried the Windows version on (if you use and can boot into Windows). Currently the latest version is 4.3beta, at

To find the link yourself, use the Babelfish translation engine at to translate the page from "Russian to English" to find the download link. See the link called Files on the left of the page, currently the 3rd link in the menu. You'll have to remember the position of that link and go back to hdd-911 because Babelfish will mess up the file download link.

Now, start the program and click on the "Tests" tab. There's an area where you choose Ignore, Remap, Erase, and Restore.

I clicked Remap, then the Start button (in Victoria). The program found 3 bad blocks and remapped them so they aren't used anymore. You may want to try Recover instead which probably attempts to restore the data on the bad blocks.

Now all the diagnostic tests show the drive passing and without errors.

Of course, if these bad sectors keep popping up, your drive really is failing.

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15-01-2008 19:00 PM

As I understand it, chkdsk is the command-line version of the "check disk" tool when you choose Properties from the drive's shortcut (right-click) menu. As I said I ran that and found 4 Kb in bad sectors. Even though I had set it to fix any errors and try to recover data, the drive still failed diagnostics. I also explained that I used the Victoria for Windows because I was able to boot into Windows despite the disk errors. I don't know if the DOS version has the same interface.

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15-01-2008 19:00 PM

chkdsk /r   will recover bad sectors also.
Thanks for the Victoria link, I assume this runs in windows, not from a boot disk?

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15-01-2008 20:00 PM

If you do not want to post a link, just say so. It's not for me, but others that may trip across this thread later on. That's why this forum is #1 for Dell owners, we try to make things easy.
Nevermind I will do it.
Dos version of Victoria
Victoria 4.3beta for Windows
Victoria 4.2 for Windows

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15-01-2008 20:00 PM

Not to be rude but that's also something I explained in my post. Just follow the directions and you'll learn how to use the site. If my explanations are unclear I'll be glad to clarify but if you figure out how to get the program then in the future you can obtain the current version instead of relying on outdated links.

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15-01-2008 20:00 PM

Do you have a link to the dos version of victoria?

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07-08-2008 19:00 PM

Hi MomboDog


Thanks for posting links to Victoria.... and others.  Can I use these downloaded files to boot the PC!?

Thanks in advance for all your help.



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