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March 21st, 2011 04:00

Re-imaging an Array

What is the process of re-imaging an array?

When i should use it?

Does it a distruptive process or can be run non-disruptive?

Considerations and Best Practices?

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March 23rd, 2011 02:00

I mean for CLARiiON Array

March 29th, 2011 10:00

Hi Shawky,

When you say re-image, are you referring to a way of backing up the Cx configuration, in order that you can restore the configuration if it is lost?

In the UK, and within our lab environment, we have been able to backup/restore Cx configurations using the followng two naviseccli command options:

  • arrayconfig -capture
  • arrayconfig -duplicate

So, this gives us a way of returning a Cx to a pre-defined logical state at the end of a training course.

There is lots to read about these commands in the CLI guide, which discusses reasons why a subsequent duplicate may fail (for example the Cx must be in a clean state for the duplicate (effectively a configuration restore) to work - there must be no RAID groups, LUNs, or user-created Sorage Groups - there are other reasons to read about). This would of course be disruptive.

Before relying on this I would recommend to have a look at the pages in the CLI guide, and hopefully find the luxury of testing this, in order to see if it meets the required needs.

Here is a brief snippet from the CLI guide:

"The arrayconfig -capture command queries the storage system for its

configuration along with I/O port configuration information. When

issued, the command will capture a storage system’s essential

configuration data. The information is formatted and stored on the

client workstation.

This generated file can be used as a template to configure other

storage systems or rebuild the same storage system if the previous

configuration is destroyed. "

Thanks, Richard.

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April 6th, 2011 01:00

Thanks Richard,

I think you made it very clear.

And the comment you added about the subsequent failure of the command ....

The command should be run in the pure configuration before any modification in the RAID Groups or Storage Groups ....

I think the lab in the next (CLARiiON Integration with VMware) week we are going to have will be a good oppurtiunity to try this commands.

I'll try and give you the feedback ....



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