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February 14th, 2024 05:58

Aren't you supposed to just install over SUPPORT ASSIST ?

My computer wouldn't run client services because it wouldn't start in services, I got that kind of fix and the Support Assistance stopped working. I loaded that and now the command center won't work and my computers running a little hot - around 70 and I can't change my fan speed because I can't get into the command center. Starting Over - I'm all rebooted and getting ready to start loading all the software over. I'm not sure what I should remove first. 

Anyway - I'm going to install the item below to start and Support Assistance. 

Install Microsoft .NET Runtime  but I'm not sure which version I should install. 

Aren't you supposed to just install over SUPPORT ASSIST.  

Should I remove all these old, preloaded Alienware programs. I've factory reset several times and I keep having problems with this set of Software. 

Is there a clearer way that I can go about this. I'm reloading the machine from scratch and would like to repair the system. I'm not sure about the best way to go about this. I need to get my fans set and resolve this issue. 

Any suggestions or better methods or detailed instructions. 

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February 14th, 2024 09:08

While Support Assist could ....well, assisting users with drivers update status and the like, it's also a redundancy of Windows Updates and often been known for causing issues to users as well.

If your intention is reloading the machine from scratch, just use Windows Creation Tool to make the latest Windows installation USB drive for a clean install.  After the installation is complete, you only need the chipset drivers and Windows should install the rest of needed drivers.  You don't need to reload Support Assist as Windows updates should be suffice.

After Windows installation of drivers is complete, run Microsoft store updates and it should install AWCC.  You can then select thermal profile to adjust fan speed.


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February 15th, 2024 11:10

To double checking those temps, you can install and run some third party utilities for comparison.




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February 15th, 2024 02:54

All worked well. I still had to reinstall Support Assistance though. It's not in the reset. 

I created a thermal profile, and the CPU fan is set on 60 in the speed column, and it shows I'm running it at 70. I'm currently running in the 60 C's, on my CPU, but my computer isn't even warm. It's the coldest thing on my desk. Even on top. Cool to the touch. It's like having a small fan going on your desk. I'm a little bit suspicious. It was running much warmer before when I was having trouble though. It was in the 70's C then, but the top of the computer was warm, and you could tell it was running hotter than usual. My temps now are 60C on the CPU and 35C with the GPU after about an hour of use. What's the best way of double checking these figures? Can you reset the temperature and speed to a default in the BIOS. Does the Dell management software derive their results from their own utility? Thanks for your answer above. 

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