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December 29th, 2023 17:51

Dell Inspiron 3477 beeps PAINFULLY LOUD when the computer turns on.

Im helping fix a computer for a family member, and when I went to turn it on, it screamed these horrible beeping noises at me in this aggravating musical tone. Could you not just have it beep once? was destroying my eardrums not enough? I tried plugging in earbuds to try to divert the sound, but nope. the computer deiced it wanted to continue to output the audio to the computer speakers.

I do not want to work with something that physically hurts me, why is this even a feature? its not like its a nuclear meltdown warning, its just some issue with the computer! a stinking easy issue to fix i bet, if i could actually look at the screen long enough before the shrill tones of this cold, unfeeling computer radiate within my ears, paralyzing me from the head down.

what were they thinking????? a bios issue should NOT warrant this kind of noise! our neighbors dont like it much either! i dont even need help fixing the issue, that would be easy enough if i could just turn this computer on without risk of hearing loss. My hearing is NOT happy about this!

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