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21-05-2018 10:00 AM

SA, sets Netlogon service to manual

The Dell SupportAssistant > Optimize/Adjust Performance sets the Netlogon service to manual. Please don't! It causes trouble with domain joined computers. 

27-06-2018 01:00 AM

Same here. 30+ PC, not domain joined due to this issue. 

It has to be fixed immediately!



01-07-2018 23:00 PM

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22-08-2018 09:00 AM


it doesn't seem to be solved !

Dell ?



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22-08-2018 10:00 AM

This issue came up before and we reached out to the Optimize team, there response was...

"This is by design as SRE is designed specifically for consumer. Netlogon gets modified to Manual as most home/consumer users never use domain controllers and the service can be safely modified to Manual startup ( not stopped). This  way if there is an application or request to use this service it will be able to function. ( we do not disable it but only change the Startup Type to manual)." 

Our team did raise an enhancement request for a future release.

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23-08-2018 01:00 AM

Thank you for the return.

But this answer from Dell is not acceptable.
Purchased PCs are enterprise-class PCs with Windows 10 Pro.
If SupportAssist is only for the general public, it should not be installed on client Windows that can join a domain.
Or modify it to check if the PC is on domain or not and do not modify the system in the same way.

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23-08-2018 04:00 AM

Thanks for the reply jblinski

"This is by design as SRE is designed specifically for consumer."

I do not believe this is true. See:

See: Managing Business Device


Dell supportassistant also comes pre-installed on Business Latitude laptops.

I have to agree with JGDUBOIS that it is not an acceptable answer. Besides the Netlogon service will NOT start ever on itself (no application request) and should ALWAYS be in automatic mode so users are able to login on domain joined computer. Also domain joined computers are able to verify to the domain and retrieve and apply Group Policies.

I urge you to leave the Netlogon service to automatic since the optimization only saves around 10 MB in RAM which is negligible for what kind of problems might occur on domain joined computers.



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23-08-2018 11:00 AM

I copied both client feedback to the current enhancement we have.  I'm hoping this will be addressed in an upcoming release.  When I get an update on this enhancement I will post to this thread.

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28-08-2018 17:00 PM

While this is appalling from Dell from a deployed piece of software on Business machines, the workaround we've employed is to add this to the computer object of our default domain policy. We don't apply this to servers, but as all Domain Joined machines will run it - it's a safeguard. 


Computer Configuration Object >> Preferences >> Windows Settings >> Registry

This step is unnecessary if this sets, but to ensure it's running, we follow with a logon script with "sc start netlogon"


Please fix. 

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02-09-2018 23:00 PM

This is absolutely unacceptable to disable NetLogon on domain computers !!! Please change this behavior and reenable disabled services !!!

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03-09-2018 00:00 AM

With NetLogon disabled on domain computer, group policy and time synchronization doesn't work !!

04-09-2018 15:00 PM

I have been having DirectAccess issues and domain disjoin issue for months now. Finally pinned down the issue. Thanks all for this thread. Just wanted to add a few notes in here for others possibly having the same issue. On Windows 7

  • Event ID 7040: "The start type of the Netlogon service was changed from auto start to demand start."
  • Event ID 7040: "The start type of the IP Helper service was changed from auto start to demand start."

This has been infuriating for my team as we have been trying to track down seemingly random domain disjoins and a few random direct access issues.

Dell, if you really want to make SupportAssist "consumer only" then make an enterprise version that doesn't shut down key services. 

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17-09-2018 06:00 AM

Wow! And I was angry with Microsoft for the last three months. Of course, Dell should correct this action. Maybe detecting the windows version: Home (disabling service) or Pro. (Without action)

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03-10-2018 07:00 AM

I'm really annoyed.  I've been having issues on my work laptop where it loses Admin rights because it can't talk to the domain controller.  After my IT team was at a loss for over a month, we finally tracked the problem down to the Netlogon service being set to Manual which causes the gpupdate to fail.  After setting the service to automatic the problem was resolved, but I kept noticing that it kept getting set back to manual which caused the problem to return.

This finally explains why this has been happening.  I feel like I should bill Dell for all the support hours wasted trying to troubleshoot this problem.

SupportAssistant should absolutely not be messing with this as it causes all kind of support problems for businesses.



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03-10-2018 22:00 PM

Hi Morac,

This is already known issue and Engineering team is working on this.

This issue occurs when you run SupportAssist Optimize task currently SupportAssist Optimize task is only for Home users only we have observed this issue is happening when system is part of any domain.


DELL-Nikhil K

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05-10-2018 00:00 AM

Fix the isuue Dell, It has been months since "our team is looking into this" was first offered up. Way beyond reasonable!