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January 3rd, 2024 17:24

SystemAssist System Resolution vs. SupportAssist OS Recovery

In my computer's UEFI (which Dell still calls the BIOS) under the Advanced tab there is a setting called "SystemAssist System Resolution" which in turn has a setting for "Auto OS Recovery Threshold". I understand very well what "Auto OS Recovery Threshold" means - that's not my question:

In my computer - an XPS 8960 desktop - "SupportAssist OS Recovery" is actually a complete utility which lets me scan my computer for hardware problems, repair hardware problems, and recover the OS. So here's my question:

What is the difference between "SupportAssist System Resolution" (shown in the UEFI) and "SupportAssist OS Recovery"?

2 Intern


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January 3rd, 2024 20:39

This might be the answer to my question:

SupportAssist is Dell’s name for the collection of Dell apps and services that support your computer. One of these services is SupportAssist OS Recovery, a utility that is embedded in the UEFI. The utility can scan the computer for hardware problems, (try to) repair hardware problems, and reinstall the operating system.

The heading in the UEFI - SupportAssist System Resolution – seems to mean ‘the type of system resolution offered by SupportAssist for your computer is … ‘ In my case, it's SupportAssist OS Recovery.


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