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January 3rd, 2018 10:00

understanding the DT and SV attributes

Hello -

Here is the output from symdev -sid xxxx list -all -wwn.  Can anyone please tell me what does DT and SV standfor?

        Device Name                               Device

---------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

Sym   Physical               Config       Attr WWN

---------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

000C5 Not Visible            RAID-5       (DT) 60000970000192600783533030304335

000C6 Not Visible            RAID-5       (DT) 60000970000192600783533030304336

005E6 Not Visible            2-Way Mir    (SV) 60000970000192600783533030354536

005E7 Not Visible            2-Way Mir    (SV) 60000970000192600783533030354537

Thank you.

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January 24th, 2018 14:00

These are Symmetrix back-end devices.

DT is Data Device. These devices are placed in a Virtual Provisioning pool.

SV is a Save Volume. This is the dedicated VP SNAP pool area.

You only get these devises showing up in the list output when the -all parameter is used.

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