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January 18th, 2024 00:53

Unity license problem

Hello again,
I have 3 more unity storage devices that we purchased from, which I actively use in my company. These devices are currently installed and working. But since we rebooted we no longer have licenses. The devices are now physically with me and I can provide all the information you want. I want the devices to be transferred to my site in order for the licenses to be activated. Can you give me information about what I can do about this? Or how can I get licenses without changing the site ID? Currently, my 3 Unity devices remain unlicensed. I can log in to the devices, but I cannot use them because there is no license.

I called and created a service request for one of the devices 6 days ago. But I still haven't received an answer. It is currently unlicensed on 3 of my devices. Additionally, I sent an e-mail to, but there was no response.

Thank u,




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January 18th, 2024 16:41


Here are a couple of links that maybe of assistance in getting your systems transferred into your company ID.

In which country are you located?

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