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September 27th, 2023 01:52

Hack reports...

Sony seems to have been hacked again. Will it affect Playstation users, again?

Hotel, booking site, and travel agency sites have been hacked and users redirected to a fake booking[dot]com site so credit card info can be stolen.

MoveIt file transfer software hack was reported a few months ago. Here's a new update:

  1. The lost info now includes data from ~900 colleges and universities. Personal student information including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, student ID numbers and school-related records, stolen.
  2. Nuance Communications (a Microsoft company), which provides software to healthcare providers, just notified 1.2M individuals their data was compromised by the MoveIt hack.
  3. Born Ontario (Canadian birth registry) just reported that 10 years of data for 3.4M individuals who sought pregnancy care, including the personal health data of close to two million newborns and children across the Canadian province, was stolen because of the MoveIt hack.
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