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August 23rd, 2023 01:47

TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulbs hackable

Researchers in Italy and UK discovered four separate vulnerabilities in the TP-Link Tapo L530E smart bulb and in TP-Link’s Tapo app, which could allow attackers to steal WiFi passwords.

The worst vulnerability is improper authentication on Tapo L503E, allowing attackers to impersonate the device during the session key exchange step. Severity score of 8.8.

No ETA for any fixes, as of now. 

Read details about all four issues at Bleeping...

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August 23rd, 2023 12:14

Smart bulbs... for those of us who are too lazy to flip a light switch :-(

What will they come up with next???

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August 23rd, 2023 19:06

@ky331​  - But with these smart bulbs, you can flip that same light switch from anywhere on the entire planet, and let hackers into your WiFi network at the same time.

An amazing 2-fer..! 

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