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November 11th, 2022 22:00

Vostro 3710 graphics card gt 730 compatibility

Vostro 3710

Vostro 3710

Helloo all, 

I bought a Vostro 3710. I wanted to connect 4 monitors. but it had 1 x DP and 1 X HDMI. Planning to add GT 730 with 04 hdmi out put. Will it work. kindly help. Thanks in advance. Vijay

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November 13th, 2022 00:00

Thank you sir , for your response. Can you please suggest any alternative to use 4 monitors. Will be greatfull, if you van provide a solution. Thank you

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November 13th, 2022 08:00

One way is to use monitor that has both DP in and DP out, and daisy chain 4 of such monitors.

another way is to use DP and hdmi for two monitors, and use two USB 3.0 to hdmi video port adapters and connect to the rear two usb 3.0 ports (blue).





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November 12th, 2022 19:00

The ASUS gt730 w 4xhdmi will support 4 monitors.  not sure of max resolution.

but this is a full height card.  3710 supports low profile card only.  hard to squeeze 4 video ports into a low profile short bracket card.



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