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July 14th, 2023 07:00


Launched: Free "VxRail 8.0.XXX Concepts" Course!

For Dell Customers, Partners, and Internals, the free 2 hour long, on-demand exclusive, "VxRail 8.0.XXX Concepts" course (Id ESCPXD05504) has launched!

This course maps to VxRail version 8.0.XXX.

From the Course Description:
"This course presents a high-level overview of VxRail 8.0.XXX solution. Key
topics include Introduction to the VxRail Solution, Architecture Overview,
System Management Features, Licensing Options, Data Protection, and
VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail. The course contains interactive
learning elements and knowledge check assessments to provide an
introductory understanding of the VxRail 8.0.XXX solution. "

Certification affiliation:
This course is recommended for VxRail Proven Professional certification.

Dell Employee course registration Link:

Dell Customer and Partner course registration link:

For convenience, the "VxRail 8.0.XXX Concepts" Course Description is attached.


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July 18th, 2023 02:00

thanks for sharing Rob, this course has two of my favorite things ... new and free

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