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July 7th, 2023 13:00

VxRail Nodes Physical Setup

So we have a stretch cluster and one set of 4 nodes is in a Data Center but the other 4 are in our server room. Our server room is not setup like a normal data center and so I am wondering if it is recommended that the nodes need to have 1U in between each of them to allow for air flow because we cannot keep the room as cool as a normal data center. They are currently stacked on top of each other in the rack. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.



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09-07-2023 14:00 PM


There are several items to discuss:

A SolVe Online procedure generated for a VxRail cluster installation, whether done by a customer, partner, or Dell employee, highlights how best to rack the servers. The procedure covers the order in which the nodes are stacked (they are stacked in contiguous Rack Units by default), where in a cabinet nodes should be placed, and the recommended service area in front of and behind the cabinet. These items are covered if the "Rack and Stack Hardware Only" or "Perform Both Activities" option is selected:

SolVe Online > VxRail Procedures > Install > Installation Procedures:


As for the thermal details of the node itself, explore the "Dell VxRail Technical Specifications" document on the Dell Support site. Nodes have external LED thermal indicators noting if they are running too warm, this can also be viewed in iDRAC. Events percolate up to the vSphere Client via VxRail Manager. Additionally, search for "thermal" or "temperature" in the "Dell VxRail Event Code Reference" document to get a sense of the events available that may be triggered. This document is also on the Dell Support site.

Considerations in a server room include: if the temperature is too hot, then equipment cannot cool itself, if the temperature is too cold, then static electricity can become problematic, if the humidity is too high then there could be condensation, if the humidity is too low, then static electricity can become problematic, and finally airflow within the room. Aim to keep all these items within the operating ranges of the equipment as specified in the Technical Specifications document for your VxRail model, i.e.: E560f, P670F, E660N, VD-4000, S670 etc. 


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27-07-2023 06:00 AM

great detail Rob, 

thanks for sharing

24-08-2023 18:42 PM

@Dell-RobertH​ Thanks! This info helped me figure out the issue and provided me with what I needed. 

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