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February 5th, 2024 16:05

[VxM/vCenter] Cluster VxRail separate network

Hi Experts ! Hope you're good !

We're diving into setting up a VxRail cluster, and we're wondering if it's cool to split the networks for the VxRail Manager and vCenter. We're thinking of having the Manager on one network and the vCenter on another.

Also, just to double-check, our plan is to keep the vCenter internal. Any tips or heads-up on making sure everything runs smooth with this setup ?

Thanks in advance

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February 6th, 2024 01:47

I think it is out of scope of VxRail standard configuration.

Int vCenter must access to VxM each other.

At least, during initial configuration, VxRail Manager and int. vCenter must be in the same subnet.

But, whether it's supported or not, you can technically change vCenter IP to another subnet as Day2 work.

I would say you can try RPQ for the configuration

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