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August 4th, 2023 16:00

Copy and paste issues with Dell OptiPlex and 5070 clients in Citrix

Not sure if this is just coincidence. Since I updated my OptiPlex 3000 to BIOS 1.9.1 and our Dell 5070 to 1.22.0. We've notice users having intermittent issues with copy and paste. 

I've tried deleting their FSLogix profiles and that did not work. We're at the current VDA and Windows operating systems.

The only recent change was the updates to our Thin Clients. BIOS, OS and Application Packages.  We also thought the update to Citrix package would help { Users still had issues.

We only notice the issue when using Thin Clients. I have not been able to duplicate the issue via laptop or VNC'd to a Thin Client.


The copy paste issue affects: File Edit Copy/File Edit paste, CTRL C / CTRL V and the copy and paste icons in Client Access. So, it's not just one application.


Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided.


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August 31st, 2023 12:50

ThinOS 2308 and the CWA package associated with it is being posted today. The bug was addressed in this build.  Please validate and report your findings back. 

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