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June 9th, 2023 06:00

Wyse 3040 client does not apply WMS group settings immediately


I have a phenomenon here that a Wyse 3040 client does not immediately apply the changes I make in a group in WMS.

However, on the client, if I briefly open the WMS settings in the Central Configuration area once and directly close it again with OK, the settings are immediately applied by the WMS.

It doesn't matter what I want to do: Send message to the client, change hostname, etc. Everything is done only when I go to the WMS settings on the client once and click OK again.


What could be the reason for this?

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June 9th, 2023 08:00

Is it possible that the problem is related to the apparent lack of connection to the MQTT server?


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June 12th, 2023 05:00


MQTT (port 1883) is the real time communications channel used to notify the endpoint that a change is a need and to contact the WMS server on port 443 to receive the pay load. 

If you have a communications issue on MQTT then the changes would be received on next full check in (usually an hour) or a reboot. 


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