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November 16th, 2023 14:40

Changing StoreFront URL on thin clients 8.6 in WMS


I need to push a new StoreFront URL on thin clients 8.6 (thinOS). These thin clients can't be upgraded to a newer version for information.

I configured the new URL in a new WMS group but moving the thin clients into this group and rebooting is not enough because the new StoreFront URL is not taken into account. It seems that enabling the box "reset to factory default" solves the problem but it requires a manual intervention, which is difficult to do on around 700 devices.

It works fine on 9.x thin clients.

What can be wrong?


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November 20th, 2023 18:49

Legacy ThinOS (8.6) does not work as dynamically as 9.x in terms of policies and settings.   As I recall, some of the settings can't be changed, they have to be removed and added back the right way (Which is why a factory reset works).   Another reason why 9.x is far superior.

I dont have an 8.6 device handy, but I recall you either had to feed it a nullifying character or use the advanced section to remove it first, then add it as desired. 

try this

In a policy try adding a single - in the policy for BrokerURL field, or under advanced add 


If this is received and removes the broker URL, try adding the proper URL in another group.  You very well may have to move the device between 2 groups to remove field, add field (new SF URL).

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