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September 3rd, 2020 06:00

Dell Wyse Windows 8 Embedded: How do I disable start screen?

I have a Dell Wyse Thin Client with Windows 8 Embedded as the O/S. We have been using Thin Clients with the old Windows Embedded versions (looks like Classic Windows). I'd like to make this client operate familiar to the Windows 6 Embedded as much as possible. The biggest problem for my users will be the Automatic Start screen. They are not used to taking several steps to reach one goal. We had them using old Affirmative Thin Clients, automatically logging in, reaching a desktop screen. They would simply boot it up, wait, and click connect. Is there anyway to disable the automatic start screen, and potentially run Remote Desktop on Startup? Thanks, Brandon Nabors 

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September 3rd, 2020 08:00

Windows embedded based thin clients by their nature are designed to behave like a traditional windows desktop, with increased security and manageability.  You can customize the WES8 device to add the RDS client to the startup folder of the device, much like you would customize standard windows, but you would still have the windows start menu and shell behind it.

If you want a purpose-built OS that is designed to connect only to brokered applications (RDS) then a different operating system might be more appropriate for you. 

WYSE thinOS is built with this in mind,

You cannot convert that device you have from WES8 to ThinOS, but you may want to look into devices in the future with ThinOS if it suits your use case.


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