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November 15th, 2021 07:00

Install dell r90l7

I have just bought a few of these to setup a small home network for learning but these thin clients need a fresh install as the company they came from have not cleared all their data from these, I have downloaded the Dell USB tool but does not appear to work with the older clients,

What would you suggest to restore these back to fresh ?

Any advice would be appreciated 

Many Thanks

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February 15th, 2022 12:00

You may have already solved this, but there were a number of versions of the USB Installer over the years.  Earlier versions often didn't work well with later images, and I seem to recall there was a slight sea change in the installer at some point that made earlier images harder to work with unless some tweaking to the .rsp file was done.

At any rate, it should be possible to find one from a series of contemporary installers that will work with your OS image.  I worked with several of the R90L units a few years ago, and USB installation worked fine that I recall.  I don't have the information at hand just now, but from gross recall I'd recommend something around the range of v1.15 - 1.19.

There used to be an enthusiastic following for these older Wyse units among scientists, hobbyists, and small businesses, and Wyse made their software and tools available, but it appears Dell no longer supports this.  You may be able to find copies of the tools you need elsewhere online.

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