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May 7th, 2018 11:00

WYSE thin client citrix applications are not visible

We have WYSE clients (Don't ask me the model number) as I do not even know what the model number, but the user who is facing the issue is actually logging into the thin client through MFA (Microsoft Multifactor Authentication) and then after that the user is not able to see the applications that are available to her.


I am not sure what to as I have no access to Management Console nor I know what the model number is. I need to support this, because my wonderful team does not even want me to know anything as they are afraid that I will learn the new technology! :) Because it is Job Security for them. :) I really do not understand people and technical guys who do things like this and make it difficult for people to work and resolve the customer issue.

I have worked on thin clients before but unfortunately I do not know the new configuration that has been done nowadays with the new management console etc... So, please let me know what could be wrong that this user is unable to see the applications that are published to her.

Thanks in advance! 

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July 9th, 2018 08:00


Sorry but we need to know more about thin client. Model, OS and firmware version are a minimum requirement since we have many different thin clients with three different OS, with different versions each. Without knowing this basic info, we cannot proceed.

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