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March 4th, 2016 03:00

Extending vdisk


I have some space problems on an old image and need to extend it with - let's say - 5GB.

If it were VHD I could just use the VHDResizer tool. Are there any similar tool, without having to copy all files to HDD and then create a new vdisk? It would be a lot of work as it's golden image that involves several computer models.

One idea is to convert vdisk to VHD, VHDResize, convert back to vdisk?

I would be happy if someone could point me to the correct common practice way to do that.

We are currently on WSM 6.20


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March 17th, 2016 07:00

Solved it by converting it to VHD, then use VHDResizer to resize it, then mount VHD with win10's builtin VHD support, then extended it with diskparm, unmount, and use vdtool.exe. Then register it in WSM and it worked like a charm.

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