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December 2nd, 2023 23:35

Any issues with current XPS laptops?

Has anyone been having any issues with their (latest) Dell XPS laptops?  Looking at possibly upgrading/buying a new one.  I currently have the 9550 (2016).

The only issue I had, is my battery was bulging. I contacted Dell about it, and they were replacing them, but I guess they stopped. They said that since I wasn't on an email list any longer, I was not eligible. So I had to replace it myself. 

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December 3rd, 2023 02:56

Aside from being a waste of money and terrible value? No, they're not worse than the other 'premium' Laptops and have all the same problems from prioritizing form over function. Intel's barely improved in the last couple gens which makes it worse, but I don't know if they used many high-core AMD CPUs. If you don't use it heavily for production or... gaming (why an XPS then?) you're not gonna gain much over the 9550. That said, Intel 6th gen and Nvidia 9xx were pretty bad with Intel 8-11th gen (or AMD Zen 2 or newer) and Nvidia 10/16/20xx architecture being the only huge performance improvements worth caring about without spending a ton.

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