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March 8th, 2023 10:00

FAQ Modern Standby

All newer Dell laptops now use the Microsoft mandated Modern Standby. The old legacy Standby S3 is no longer supported. All newer Dell Laptops support Modern Standby S0 sleep only. The BIOS is written with this mandate in mind.

Travel safety and Laptops

With regards to transporting your laptop in a bag or backpack, safety should be your primary concern. You should always turn the laptop OFF =
* Select the Start button
* Click Power
* Click Shut down

In all extended travel and especially airplane travel, safety should be your primary concern. Under no circumstances should you leave a laptop powered on and in any sleep/hibernate/standby Network Connected mode when placed in a bag, backpack, or in an overhead bin. The laptop will overheat as a result of that action.

AC adapter is connected charging the laptop, you close the lid, it enters sleep. You then disconnect the AC adapter. The laptop remains in "Network Connected" mode. The result is you place it in your bag and it will still receive and install Windows Updates. Thus draining your battery and heating up in the bag.

Workaround 1 =
Before you close the Laptop lid, disconnect the AC adapter. This forces the Laptop into "Network Disconnected" Standby mode. Then close the Laptop lid. Now the Laptop is not able to receive and install Windows Updates.

Workaround 2 =
* Open Control Panel- Power Options- Change Plan Settings- Change advanced power settings
* Open the Network connectivity in Standby
* Change both On battery and Plugged in to Disable

Workaround 3 =
Turn the Laptop off prior to placing in bag.

Modern Standby vs S3

Modern Standby on Dell Client PCs

What is Modern Standby and how does it differ from S3 Standby

The battery drains quicker than expected with Modern Standby mode enabled

XPS 15 9570 Modern Standby behavior

How to improve your Dell laptop battery performance

Troubleshooting for Modern Standby battery consumption and heat

Disable Intel TurboBoost in the BIOS
* Plug the external power adapter into the XPS 13 9310
* Restart
* Tap F2
* Open Performance
* Click Intel TurboBoost
* Uncheck, Enable Intel TurboBoost
* Click Apply- Exit
* Retest

Set DPM (Dell Power Manager) to Quiet Mode
* Open the Dell Power Manager software
* Go to Thermal Management
* Select Quiet
* Retest

Disable Windows Search Index and Protocol if seen
* Click the Windows icon, type Services, click Services app
* Search for Windows Search
* Right click Windows Search
* Click Stop
* Right click Windows Search
* Click Properties
* Change Startup type to Disabled
* Click Apply- OK
* Close the Service app
* Retest

Disable "Allow fingerprint reader to sleep" in the Device Manager
* Press Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager from the list
* When Device Manager opens, locate your fingerprint reader. It could be located in Biometric Devices section
* Right click the fingerprint reader and choose Properties
* Navigate to the Power Management tab and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
* Click OK to save changes
* Retest

Turn off Windows Hello
* Click Start
* Type regedit
* Right click Registry Editor
* Click Run as administrator
* Navigate to the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\Settings\AllowSignInOptions.
* In the right panel, double-click on the DWORD entry named value and change it to 0
* Click OK
* Close the registry and restart

Any of the above may be removed by Microsoft in newer operating system updates or versions.

Create shut off CMD shortcut icon
* Open Notepad
* Copy this text: Shutdown /s /t 000
* Paste it into Notepad
* Click File- Save as
* Click the Save as type drop down arrow and click All Files
* Enter Off.cmd in the File Name blank
* In left pane click Desktop
* Click Save
* Close Notepad
* On the Windows Desktop you should now see this


* Clicking that shortcut icon should fully turn the system off

Modern Standby Performance Improvement Package Application

Version A02
XPS 15 9570
- Improves the Modern Standby performance

Version A01
XPS 15 9570
- Improves the Modern Standby performance
- Updates BIOS and Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver

Modern Standby Power Saver Settings Utility
XPS 13 9360
- Windows 10 Modern Standby power saver

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