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June 12th, 2024 19:20

XPS 13 9365 Power Button on side broken

I have an xps 13-9365.  Totally awesome computer, I have tons saved on it, and am very afraid.  I have not used any cloud...argh.  The on button on the right hand side has always been a bit hard to press to turn on.  (bear with me, I'm old and totally computer illiterate).  The battery had long since been bad, and both the receiving ends of the ports are worn to the point of having to hold it just right to get the power plug in or the computer plug in.  I replaced the battery by myself and it worked!!  But I must have jiggled the power switch port and it's broken.  I need to get all the information off of my computer.  It is "on" right now, as the battery is charged, it's plugged in and the background keyboard lights are on.  I'm afraid if I try to order a power switch, it will just lose that little bit of power on right now. 

Question:   A.  is there a way to turn my computer on without pushing the power button on the side?

B.  If I hook up a hard drive to get all my info on it, will it work, without turning on?

C.  Anything else anyone could advise, would be greatly appreciated.    Granny Tammy


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June 12th, 2024 20:11

A.  No

B.  No.

C.  There are a number of possibilities.  You can remove the SSD and mount it into an external USB to NVMe case, attach it to a working system and copy the data to the working system.

Repairing the system is also still possible, and probably starts with replacing both the DC jack and the AC adapter.  You may also need to replace the power button assembly. should have the required parts.

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