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January 31st, 2018 22:00

XPS 9370 Fan Noise

When sitting idle (not seeing any heavy usage for anything in task manager over 10% anyway), how loud should these fans be? If I'm sitting here not even using it with the power adapter plugged in it seriously sounds like the fans are at full blast sometimes.. Seems like when I unplug the charger it slows down after a few seconds then eventually they turn off. Is this normal? It is kind of annoying for $1700 laptop to make so much noise just sitting idle, but if theres nothing to do about it, it is what it is. Thanks

February 1st, 2018 06:00

Hey austinramsay. This is the first report of loud noise while sitting idle that I've seen.

Can you e-mail me at I'd like to try to get some more information from you and see if we can figure out what's going on.

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February 2nd, 2018 12:00

Hi Luke

A couple of us are having same issue ate notebook review forums. I'm sure as more people receive there new xps 13 you will get way more complaints about this.

I just emailed you about this.

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February 3rd, 2018 15:00

Hi Luke,

I have the same problem, the fan is particularly noisy when I use the dell D6000 docking station.


Will write to you if that is OK, as it is a big pity that such a nice laptop is so loud.

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February 3rd, 2018 20:00

I'm also experiencing the same behavior. When plugged in, the fan would turn on even though CPU/HDD temperatures are very low, below than 90F.
The behavior is observed mostly on Windows 10, and as soon as I unplug the chargers, fans would first calm down, then stop after a minute or so, at which point the the laptop remains completely silent.  Plugging the charger back would kick the fan on again after a few minutes.

The same problem happens pn Linux (Ubuntu),  but much less pronounced than on Windows; fan noise is inexistant but would slightly kick in when plugged in. Otherwise, it is completely silent unplugged (for light tasks such as browsing, video etc.). 

I uninstalled all Dell utilities on WIndows (something recommended in another forum), and it did reduce the fan noise when plugged in but didn't completely eliminate it. 

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February 6th, 2018 20:00

Getting really bad fan noise at all times. It sounds like a fan is loose or something.

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February 7th, 2018 06:00

hey all, i just gotten my 9370 and also experienced loud fan noises when plugged in usb c via my monitor.

i tried playing around with the settings and found this solution helped to reduce the fan noise significantly.

dell power manager > thermal management > quiet

i'm not sure how this would affect performance yet but at least i don't have to keep bearing with the noticeably noisy fans.

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February 8th, 2018 05:00

This worked for me as well - although I have not ran any benchmarks to see the performance hit. Thanks!

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February 8th, 2018 14:00

Just received top of the line 9370, fan runs a lot more than expected. Makes sense with all the heat generated by that processing power in such a slim case. Gonna play with the settings to see if something can be done, but it doesn't look good. The fan starts to run with the laptop almost idle, or starts and stop while barely using the cpu. Will probably return it if this doesn't improve.

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February 9th, 2018 03:00

Hi all,

Just received mine xps 13 9370 and the fans haven't stopped ... really annoying. Has anybody found what is this noise all about if processor is not loaded?



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February 9th, 2018 09:00

1- Download the Dell Power Management app and set the thermal option to quiet.

2- Set the power mode to "recommended" instead of "better performance"

This should help, but you'll have to live with a lower CPU performance. Then why spend that much money on the latest Intel chip if you can't really use it at full speed. 

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February 9th, 2018 09:00

Same problem here, when I connect the power supply after a few minutes the fans start spinning very fast :(  Any solution?

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February 9th, 2018 13:00

OK, it work also with thermal managment set to "optimized".


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February 11th, 2018 13:00

It is very puzzling that heat management is excellent on Linux, whereas on Windows one has to limit the CPU to get acceptable results...

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February 16th, 2018 17:00

Same with mine, my old big Lenovo doesn’t even make this much noise. The laptop also freezes every now and then. No clear reason. Reinstalled Windows, drivers, ran diagnostics, nothing helps.

Goes back after the weekend, a shame for a 1700 euro laptop! Lost 2 days of my time trying to let it work like it should straight out of the box.

February 20th, 2018 11:00

Same here. As soon as I connect the AC plug the fan kicks in... even if no load on system.

After I remove AC plug the fan turns quiet after 10s.

Is there a solution?

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