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September 4th, 2023 14:09

XtremIO: Top Services Topics (Latest)

This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for XtremIO, identified by DELL EMC Support as the most Trending Topics for the month of August 2023


XtremIO X2: How to Suspend/Resume Native Replication sessions on an X2 array

Instruction on how to Suspend and or Resume a Native Replication Session on an X2 array as noted in the XtremIO User guide under Managing Remote Protection Session


XtremIO: Adding more initiators than the limit per cluster may cause service disruption and data unavailability.

Trying to add more initiators than the 1024 initiator per cluster limit at code versions below 6.4 can cause software module failure leading to loss of service of the array


XtremIO: Initiator Type Should Be Designated as ESX for Hosts Connected to XtremIO 4.0 and Later

Starting in XtremIO 4.0, there is a field to define the operating system when creating an initiator group. This must be defined when creating initiator groups and should be updated 


How to change Host Names on EMC X-Bricks

Customers may choose to rename their ECM X-Bricks and the following is the process and cli command structure to implement this change


How to login to the XtremIO CLI

How to login to the XtremIO CLI.

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