Announcing Quest VDI Assessment!

Yes folks, it's here! You can now run your own assessment projects to find the most suitable users for desktop virtualization in all its forms by just downloading from our web site. We'll be supporting this product here in the vWorkspace online community.

Quest VDI Assessment Highlights

  • Comprehensive analysis and detailed reports of current network, user, and application usage
  • Determine which users are a best fit for VDI, Terminal Server/RD Session Host, Application Virtualization, and Physical PCs
  • Assess the viability of a Windows 7 deployment via desktop virtualization
  • Pre-determine desktop, network, datacenter, and storage needs, before building an effective plan
  • Best of all Quest VDI Assessment is FREE



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RE: Announcing Quest VDI Assessment!

I forgot one more great feature!

It's a virtual appliance! Just download, attach it to a VM and away you go!

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