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Live migration hyper-v

Hi all,

I have multiple Hyper-v standalone servers. I followed the best practices at: dvs-windows-server-2012.pdf

It is possible to live migrate VM's between standalone hyper-v servers. Of course that is nice for normal VM's, but servers that are create with hypercache.... How can we live migrate these servers?

Live migrate yes. Hypercache enable again for that vm looks not possible. Is there a way to do that anyway?

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Hi Sader82,

I don't think it's possible to do what you want with what you currently have but in 8.6 which we released last week we announced support for the following:

Full Clone Hyper-V VHD
The Full Clone Hyper-V VHD feature allows for viral machine provisioning using a single VHD instead of differencing disks. The following methods can be used to provision full VHD virtual machines:
Instantly provision with Hyper deploy
Use standard file copy
Support for Hyper-V high availability
The High Availability feature allows for the creation of virtual machines on a hyper-v cluster. These virtual machines can be failed over to other servers in the hyper-v cluster.
I hope that helps.
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