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Migration Advice Required


We are migrating our old test ESXi severs into one brand new ESXi machine.

Currently we have two machines that we need to merge together, all are controlled through vCenter. There is no shared storage, all machines are local.

The VDI's are all on ESXi60, when migrating these to the new ESXi server i will be selecting to Copy these across at datastore level - then renaming te old directories to stop any confusion..

My question starts here:

I move the VDI's across manually to the new ESXi server. then within vWorkspace console, repoint my linked VmWare clone to our desktop container called VDI.

and then choose to resync/Import the VDI's on the new datastore.

Is this correct? or am i missing any important steps?

Also regarding Vmware Linked Clones - should this be removed - will all provisioned VDI's be deemed unusable? Or is this merely for provisioning (ie they do not share files) - I ask as i need to configured a new template with known issues with current snapshot.

Thanks for your help.

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