Voice over IP with vWorkspace

A lot of people ask me "How does vWorkspace manage VoIP traffic and devices". The common aim is to centralise call centre technology (collapse into the datacentre) which includes desktop operating systems and their soft 'phones.

They have read about other virtualization product which have specific VoIP capabilities. Do we have documentation such as White Papers or anecdotal evidence to show how this is acheived?



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RE: Voice over IP with vWorkspace


i am not aware of any documentation or white paper about vWorkspace in conjunction with VoIP, but IMHO if they exist or not doesn't matter at all.

The first question that i would ask myself is if there is a way to move VoIP solutions to the datacenter with RDS or VDI without having vWorkspace implemented.

In most of todays SBC environments you will bring to light that this will not because there is no redirection of the needed input devices possible. On the other hand in a few environments it will be possible e.g. because of the new RDS features of Windows Server 2008 R2 ('Audio Input & Recording: VDI supports any microphone connected to a user's local machine, enables audio recording support for RemoteApp and Remote Desktop. This is useful for VoIP scenarios and also enables speech recognition.'; http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd759231.aspx).

If you come accross vWorkspace now you will e.g. win a favour with the USB-IT component (http://blogs.inside.quest.com/provision/2010/01/15/quest-vworkspace-70-feature-spotlight-usb-virtual...) and the enhanced bi-directional audio (http://blogs.inside.quest.com/provision/2010/01/28/quest-vworkspace-70-feature-spotlight-enhanced-bi...) that can be found since version 7. This would improve the all over VoIP experience of the end user as well as being more moderate to the bandwith usage.

However, i would still be carefull with moving VoIP into the datacenter because it depends on too many design parameters of the existing IT environment even if it would provide e.g. call centers with an easy solution for centralized recording of their calls etc. At our customer sides we always try to break new ground only if there is the needed PoC for the current environment.

At last i can tell you that i personally know two small environments where VoIP in conjunction with RDS and vWorkspace works just fine. One client runs a human ressource service center within two german cities and the other is an attorny at law with about 30 employees. Closing i think that all the guys from the US and UK must have much more experience with such a thing because Germany is always one or two years behind when it comes to SBC.



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