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vWorkspace Connector for Windows 7 64-bit OS

Hi All,

What is the file name or download location for vWorkspace 7.2 Connector for Windows 7 64-Bit OS..?

It's really bad that we need to download entire 754MB for one connector alone..

We have the SecurIT Server

https://<my-secure-it>/provision/web-it/clients/vasclient32t.exe is the location for 32Bit, similarly do we have the location for 64-bit..?


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RE: vWorkspace Connector for Windows 7 64-bit OS


  Vasclient32 and Vasclient32t are installation packages for the vWorkspace Windows Connector for BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. While it's confusing that they are labeled vasclient32, there is no separate package for 64-bit systems.

The clients are packaged in exe, msi, and cab format. The vasclient32 is the full  AppPortal GUI client that includes both AppPortal (pnap32.exe) GUI and the vWorkspace Remote Desktop Connection (pntsc.exe) utility. AppPortal can be configured manually or can automatically download a configuration xml file. AppPortal authenticates the user with the broker and shows the vWorkspace resources in the AppPortal GUI. When the use clicks on one of the resources, AppPortal uses the vWorkspace Remote Desktop Connection to initiate a session connection.

The vasclient32t packages only includes the vWorkspace Remote Desktop Connection (pntsc.exe) and uses the Web Access portal to receive its configuration via a downloaded .pit configuration file. With the vWorkspace Remote Desktop Connection (pntsc.exe), the user authenticates with the Web Access Portal, which coordinates with the broker to present the user's resources as web url links.When the user clicks a resource link, a .pit configuration file is downloaded and launches a session connection using the Remote Desktop Connection (pntsc.exe).

There is an additional vasclient32ts package that performs a silent/unattended installation of the vasclient32t connectior and comes in msi or cab format.

All of the Windows Connectors are installed into the Web Access portal's 'clients' folder and the Web Access Admin utility allows you to configure up to five downloads including various clients. See the Downloads configuration under GLOBAL SETTINGS.

For additional information see the Connectors section #18 in the vWorkspace Admin Guide located in the Documentation folder of the vWorkspace 7.2 installation download.

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