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vWorkspace Web Access - Linux (Ubuntu) - Failed to Parse PitFile

Hi Team,

I wonder if you can help?


We are currently testing vWorkspace Web Access on a number of operating systems, we are currently testing Linux (Ubuntu) and are receiving an error when trying to connect via the web using Firefox or Opera ?

You are able to login but as soon as you click on a Desktop you receive "Failed To Parse Pitfile"

Do you have any suggestions please ?





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I have encountered the same issue while I was testing the Web Access with NoTouch Desktop (Stratodesk) which is a Linux customized ThinOS uses Firefox browser. 

The .pit is encrypted and this OS cannot decrypt  the file.. Try to put it in the trusted Sites and try to launch it again to see how it works. 


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Hi Thanks for your reply but I'm using Firefox and you don't really have "Trusted Sites"





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Hi Andy,

Here is something to try

1. On the Web Access server. Take a backup of:


(This path changes depending on the name of your Website)

2. Now Open the Web.Config file

3. Look for the setting

<add key="UseMiniPit" value="True" />

Change this to False. Eg

<add key="UseMiniPit" value="False" />

4. Do this on each website. This will effectively disable the mini-PIT file, which is the one that errors. It may require a reset of IIS to take affect, so make sure no one is trying to access at the time.

5. Let me know if it now works for you from your Linux boxes.



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