Accelerating Pharma’s AI Future, One Discovery at a Time

Harnessing the transformative impact of CRISPR and other advances in pharma to accelerate drug discovery with AI-based innovations.

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry, a transformative wave is reshaping the foundations that have long defined its operations. The winds of change, driven by groundbreaking developments such as the first-ever approved CRISPR drug and move to ship therapeutics directly to patients, are leading organizations to reassess and reinvent their approaches to drug discovery, clinical trials, manufacturing, distribution and overall operational efficiency. The word transformation is used frequently; yet in this instance, it is the best descriptor. The norms of the industry are changing rapidly, and many of the “tried and true” elements are being challenged. Many organizations are simply not adapting rapidly enough and are at risk of being left behind or swallowed up by larger organizations more poised for change.

Trends in the Pharma Industry: Excitement, Challenges and No Surprise, AI

There is an urgency to invest in the rapid development of new proteins, to find greater efficiency in the trial process and to deploy new, smarter manufacturing and distribution processes. And across all these workflows, the promise of AI to deliver improvements is substantial. But many organizations need help determining where to begin.

AI is not simply a new technology; it is many different technologies, with differences based on “training” vs. “inference,” “generative” vs. “extractive” and “deep learning” vs. “machine learning.” I speak for many organizations when I say it can be confusing (and I work at Dell Technologies, one of the leaders in the space).

Navigating the AI Landscape: A Strategic Approach

The buzz surrounding AI in the pharma sector underscores the need for a nuanced understanding. Addressing the pervasive issue of functional data silos within bio-pharmaceuticals requires a thoughtful strategy, and finding key focus areas will be critical to success. However, the usual emphasis requires some different thought, particularly the approach to the applications and use cases. Most often, organizations will create an “ideation workshop” attempting to catalog applications and use cases to find ways to improve them. This is the fundamental flaw in the approach. The value, especially in the pharmaceutical market, isn’t the catalog of applications; it is the cataloging of data. Turning data into an asset requires understanding what you have and where it is. This is why Dell offers workshops and collaborative programs with partners like Rackspace and their FAIR initiatives. We enable organizations to design practical and tactical responses, ensuring AI investments align with their unique needs and capture the value of their data.

Dell’s Solution: Accelerating Drug Discovery and Smart Manufacturing

Accelerating drug discovery is entering a new era with Dell’s validated designs for AI. By harnessing the power of AI, Dell is at the forefront of propelling the next generation of research in the pharmaceutical industry. Our cutting-edge technologies expedite the analysis of vast datasets created by emerging research tools (e.g., Cryo-Em) and enable critical information processing at the source, ensuring efficient and secure data management. Dell’s commitment to innovation extends to federated data management models, facilitating distributed learning. This approach not only optimizes the analysis of data at various locations, but it also enhances collaboration among research entities. Through our validated designs and technological advancements, Dell is not just contributing to accelerated drug discovery; we are shaping a future where the integration of AI becomes synonymous with groundbreaking advances in pharmaceutical research.

The pharmaceutical industry is turning to smart manufacturing to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs. However, the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) poses significant challenges. With our expertise in aligning disparate systems, Dell advocates for a holistic approach, guiding organizations toward a shared platform that enhances efficiency without requiring a complete overhaul. Our validated designs for Smart Manufacturing and our industry-leading partnerships deliver practical AI to improve efficiency.

So Where to Start? With Dell

As the pharmaceutical industry undergoes this profound transformation, Dell stands ready as a strategic ally, providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving challenges and opportunities in this dynamic landscape. Seize the opportunity to accelerate drug discovery, optimize operational efficiency and embrace the potential of AI-driven innovation. Learn more about our Dell Validated Designs for Healthcare and Life Sciences and for the Manufacturing Edge, and reach out to our team.

Alex Long

About the Author: Alex Long

Alex Long is a seasoned executive with an impressive background in driving growth and innovation in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. With a wealth of experience in sales strategy, business development and industry leadership, Alex has consistently delivered outstanding results and spearheaded transformative initiatives. As the Head of Life Sciences Sales Strategy at Dell Technologies, Alex is pivotal in delivering new solutions to the life sciences and healthcare verticals. Before his tenure at Dell, Alex played a significant role in the growth and success of Impinj. As a key stakeholder in the company's IPO process, Alex provided valuable analysis, reporting and sales strategy support, further solidifying his life sciences and healthcare expertise. Additionally, Alex drove the plan and execution of a new go-to-market model for sales at Impinj, leading to a remarkable 35% year-on-year revenue growth across IoT vertical solution-based product portfolios.