Dell Storage Forum – preview reviews, and what’s on deck for Day 1

I'm writing this from the Dell Storage Forum Fluid Blogger's Lounge. We still have some set up to do – the hotel IT guys are here right now setting up some ethernet drops for us. We should be ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning! 

I thought I'd take a minute to share some of the great posts folks have made as they are getting ready to come outo Orlando, and then let y'all know what we'll be doing today, on the official Day 1 of the Dell Storage Forum. 

Preview Reviews

Let me know if I missed your post!

Events on-deck for Day 1 – June 5

If you are here at the Dell Storage Forum today, you are here for training. Tonight from 6 – 9 is the Fluid Fix welcome reception at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney (don't forget your badge!).

New events and general reminders

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