• Dell APEX for HPC

    Accelerate time to discovery and innovation with Dell APEX for high performance computing (HPC).

    • Why Dell APEX

      Optimize your HPC capabilities with a company invested in your future

    • The numbers tell the story


      Making the case for Dell APEX HPC solutions

    • Research

      Faster breakthroughs help realize your vision for a better world.

    • Personalized medicine

      Harness the power of HPC to identify and treat diseases sooner and more effectively.

    • Structural analysis

      Complete more analyses in less time and with fewer errors by increasing computational efficiency.

    • Public safety

      Analyze live video from multiple sources, identify emergencies and alert the appropriate authorities.

    • Risk analysis including Monte Carlo simulations

      Monitor and evaluate thousands of risk factors.

    • Seismic processing and interpretation

      Convert hundreds of terabytes of raw data into useful subsurface models.


      Putting Dell APEX to work everywhere

    • Healthcare

      Improve outcomes while reducing cost and risk.

    • Government

      Free-up personnel to focus on mission-critical activities.

    • Financial Services

      Advanced solutions to protect your business from fraud.

    • Engineering & Design

      Find the solutions you need to improve products accelerate time-to-market faster.

    • Media & Entertainment

      Reduce the time and costs of production, marketing and delivery.

    • Energy

      Precisely pinpoint energy to efficiently fuel the future.


    • Propelling engine design with HPC on-demand


      See how the world’s largest builder of marine propulsion systems leverages HPC for engineering simulations.

    • Accelerating F1 performance from the edge

      See how HPC helped the Formula 1 racing leader to a double-digit performance increase.

    • A crowdsourced supercomputing showcase

      Read how collective processing supports data- and compute-intensive scientific simulations.


      As-a-Service, at your service

    • HPC & AI Innovation Lab

      Designing solutions and staying on the leading edge to help you keep pace with the evolving landscape.

    • Worldwide HPC & AI Centers of Excellence

      Dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of technology.

    • Worldwide Customer Solution Centers

      Our Customer Solution Centers help you plan and achieve your business goals to accelerate your digital future.  

    • HPC Community

      Leverage expertise from around the world.


        Deliver a simple, flexible cloud experience wherever your HPC data resides

      • Whatever the use case, Dell APEX services can help accelerate your journey

        As you embark on the road to digital transformation and modernization — no matter what industry — Dell APEX can help your organization race down that road by managing your needs, allowing you to focus on building your business.