• Dell APEX for VDI

    Deliver real workforce transformation enabling people to be productive on their own terms using Dell APEX.

    • WHY Dell APEX

      Streamline and optimize the implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


      Making the case for VDI with Dell APEX

    • A better experience running VDI with Dell APEX Cloud Services

      With the current trend toward distance working and learning, many organizations are currently reevaluating their remote connectivity architectures. The ability to provide files and applications to users at scale within a secure, efficient, and cost-effective environment are key strengths of VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) environments. With Dell APEX Cloud Services for VDI, you can provide access to company applications anytime, anywhere— with a best-in-class cloud VDI solution that puts user experience first. Power your anywhere workforce today: 

      • Rapidly deploy virtual workspaces for your employees in a cloud environment, while delivering a VDI user experience that is up to 2.5 times better than Amazon WorkSpaces1
      • Accommodate seasonal demand spikes and employee fluctuations
      • Support graphic-intensive applications that require GPU resources
      • Achieve up to 54% lower Zoom application latency with our hybrid cloud solution as compared to two other cloud providers

      Putting Dell APEX to work everywhere

    • Healthcare

      Organizations in the healthcare industry are adopting VDI to benefit from centralized management, better security and compliance, and worker mobility.

    • Financial Services

      Dell Technologies VDI Solutions for FSI are carefully engineered and tested to deliver secure, cost effective and high-performance access to FSI applications for remote and mobile workers.

    • Higher Education

      Dell Technologies Solutions for VDI for Higher Education help universities, colleges and research institutions keep people connected with secure access to their workspaces from any device, anywhere, with unparalleled performance and simplicity.


    • For RelateCare, Dell APEX was the perfect prescription for flexible IT with no CapEx

      RelateCare onboards customers in days while doubling service availability thanks to Dell APEX Flex on Demand and cloud-like consumption model.

    • City of Amarillo rides on IT modernization to a data-driven future

      The Texas town accelerated IT modernization with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and VDI.


      As-a-Service, at your service

    • VDI Services

      Establish a strategic vision for your VDI environment, designed and architected for the future. An actionable vision provides simplified provisioning, management and improves experience and adoption.

      • Whatever the use case, Dell APEX services can help accelerate your journey

        As you embark on the road to digital transformation and modernization — no matter what industry — Dell APEX can help your organization race down that road by managing your needs, allowing you to focus on building your business.

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    • 1Based on a Cloud Evolutions report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Virtual Desktop Performance and User Experience Comparison: A Comparison of Dell APEX Hybrid Cloud, Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure,”