• How DEWA is creating a sustainable and smart city.

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is supporting the Smart Dubai initiative to make Dubai the smartest city in the world. It requires IoT technologies to connect solar energy to houses and building; smart applications that use smart meters and grids that contribute to fast-service connection, predictive analytics for fast response, and for proper energy use rationing, with Dell Technologies as their foundational partner.



        COMPANY: Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA)   |   INDUSTRY: Utilities   |   HEADQUARTERS: Dubai, UAE                      

      • Meet Rammas.

        Rammas is DEWA’s virtual employee. Rammas uses AI, robot and analytical technologies to power its ability to learn and understand the needs of customers, according to their enquiries. Data is stored, managed and protected with Dell Technologies infrastructure, allowing DEWA to continue innovating, and understanding where to focus their energy.

      • Tomorrow’s cities start with technology transformation.

        Moro is a digital hub providing innovative IT services to public and private sectors within the UAE, and across the region including DEWA. By transforming the way IT operates, Dell Technologies helps them to further develop, automate and enhance essential functions like cloud, security, machine learning, AI, big data and analytics, storage, servers and infrastructure. With Moro, DEWA is even more free to introduce innovative applications and accelerate digital service delivery in Dubai.

      • Today, having the fourth industrial revolution, I see everything as possible. It's all about how you design it, how you partner with the right partner, and how you improve and continuously provide additional values to customers.

        - Marwan bin Haider, EVP of DEWA Innovation
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