• Cyber Security

    • Cyber security today requires cyber recovery

    • When it comes to cyber security, more organizations today are adopting a cyber resilience approach to dealing with threats sophisticated threats like ransomware. In addition to working to prevent attacks, a cyber resilience strategy focuses on ways to mitigate the damage from cyber threats and how to achieve a successful data recovery to  restore operations after an attack, not simply how to prevent a cyber attack.

      Effective recovery of critical data is a key component of a cyber security program. By ensuring critical data’s integrity is maintained critical data may be recovered with confidence to enable resumption of normal business operations., successful data recovery

      Dell PowerProtect appliances and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provide a comprehensive solution for protecting data, ensuring the integrity of backup systems and automating recovery to help enable true cyber resilience.

    • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

      Experience how Machine learning-powered PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates mission-critical data from advanced cyber threats like ransomware.

    • The challenge of cyber recovery

    • Data drives the modern enterprise – organizations and global marketplaces are more dependent than ever on a continual flow of data across interconnected networks. As the value of data rises, criminal attempts to steal it or exploit it grow as well. Cyber security is now a top strategic priority for companies in every industry vertical. To ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data, organizations must have superior backup and recovery solutions in place to restore data after a successful attack. 

      Because restoring data from a clean and protected backup is essential to data protection, cyber recovery strategies today have embraced data isolation approaches as they address the threat of ransomware and other cyber threats. Cyber Recovery provides isolation as critical data is kept in a digital vault that is separated from production and backup networks via an operational airgap. Data protected within the vault is immutable and cannot be changed, preventing files from being altered by attacks, ensuring ransomware protection. And access to the vault is strictly regulated to ensure that, when needed, the backup sets within it can be quickly and confidently restored.

    • Cyber security solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies provides end-to-end cyber security solutions that protect organizations from threats, enable operational resilience and ensure business continuity.

      PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides proven, modern and intelligent data protection for critical data, isolating it from cyber threats like ransomware. This Dell solution isolates data away from the attack surface in a digital vault and protects it with an automated operational airgap. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automatically synchronizes data in the vault with production systems and creates immutable copies with locked retention policies. When an attack occurs, this technology makes it easy to recover critical systems and get the business back up and running.

      CyberSense is fully integrated with PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, a technology that can finds corruption in data when a cyber threat penetrates the data center. CyberSense uses machine learning to analyze over 100 content-based statistics to detect signs of corruption, generate alerts and identify the last known good data set for recovery.

      With PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and CyberSense, organizations can successfully protect critical data and avoid damage to business and reputation that threats like ransomware present

    • How PowerProtect Cyber Recovery enhances cyber security

    • PowerProtect Cyber Recovery automates workflows to protect critical data, identify suspicious activity and ensure fast recovery when required. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery includes a variety of features and capabilities that promote cyber resiliency and enable quick resumption of normal business operations after an attack.

      • Critical data is kept in a dedicated, hardened digital vault with physical and operational air gaps that isolate it from the network and potential cyberattacks.
      • Multiple separate logins are required to access the vault, protecting against insider attacks.
      • Data written to the Cyber Recovery vault is immutable and unchangeable, preventing malware or ransomware from corrupting vaulted data.
      • Malware that is stored to the vault does not have the ability to execute or infect data outside of the vault.
      • The vault is updated through a replication process that is based on acceptable risk exposure limits for uptime connectivity and data loss parameters.
      • Security administrators have complete visibility into the integrity of all data and metadata protected in the vault.
      • CyberSense technology performs full content indexing to identify and stop suspicious activity through automated alerts and cyber security workflows.


    • Agile data protection with PowerProtect appliances

    • In addition to Cyber Recovery technology, Dell Technologies provides the industry’s #1 purpose-built backup appliances with PowerProtect Appliances. These all-in-one data protection software and storage devices provide the latest capabilities for backup, data replication, recovery, search, analytics and more. Easy to deploy and manage, PowerProtect Appliances help consolidate data protection software and hardware while reducing the cost to protect.

      PowerProtect DP Series Appliances provide:

      • Scalability from 8TB to 1PB of usable capacity
      • An all-in-one cloud solution for long-term retention and disaster recovery
      • Instant access to up to 64 VMs with up to 60K IOPS
      • Backups that are up to 38% faster and restores that are up to 45% faster

      PowerProtect DD Series Appliances provide:

      • Scalability from 1TB up to 1.5PB of usable capacity in a single rack
      • A software-defined version that scales up to 256TB in the cloud
      • Data reduction up to 65:1
      • Superior performance with PowerProtect Data Manager or Data Protection Suite

    • FAQs: What is cyber security?

    • What is cyber security?

      Cyber security is the practice of defending systems, networks, applications and data from cyber attacks. Cyber security is principally concerned with preventing criminals from accessing, changing, destroying or stealing sensitive data. Organizations also take cyber security measures to prevent theft of funds, extortion, identity theft and interruptions to business.

      What are cyber security best practices?

      Cyber security best practices are continually changing as the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve. Because successful cyber attacks typically exploit human behavior, most cyber security programs include training for employees intended to prevent behavior that can lead to a breach. Cyber security programs also include technology to identify and block threats and cyber recovery technology to quickly restore access to data after a successful cyber attack.

    • APEX Cloud Services

      APEX Cloud Services offer compute and storage resources that enable secure and consistent infrastructure and operations for your workloads across private and public.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      APEX Data Storage Services is an on-premises, as-a-service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment.*


      *OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies. 

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