• SMB Backup

    • Reduce SMB backup costs with Dell

    • Small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs) face unique challenges when it comes to protecting growing volumes of data, but SMB backup systems from Dell can help to simplify the task of backup, recovery, data replication, disaster recovery and archiving while also significantly reducing costs.

      Like their larger counterparts, SMBs invest significantly in technology to run their business. And while they may not generate as much business data as the enterprise, their data is just as mission-critical and must be protected from loss, corruption, attack and theft.

      Yet, in a digital economy that is constantly evolving, these organizations also face tremendous business and financial pressures and need backup systems that can both reduce the complexity and cost (both dollars and staff time) of managing data protection.

      To facilitate this goal, Dell offers SMB backup technology that overcomes the obstacles of SMB data protection.

    • Back up and Recover Data with Dell PowerProtect DD Series

      Leverage scalable, high-speed, and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Obstacles to effective SMB backup

    • When designing and deploying backup solutions, SMBs face many of the same challenges as larger organizations.

      The volume of data 

      From data-intensive applications to ever-larger data files and the increasing use of video, SMBs are virtually swimming in data that is increasing exponentially. And as SMBs grow, there are constantly more users and devices to protect, along with a broader spectrum of applications.

      Complex hybrid environments 

      SMBs are increasingly taking advantage of cloud services and cloud infrastructure to improve IT performance while reducing the cost of managing and storing data. SMB backup technology must effectively protect physical, virtual, hybrid and Multicloud environments.

      Compliance requirements 

      While compliance can be a significant burden for every organization, SMBs have fewer resources to use to monitor, manage and demonstrate compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. Superior SMB backup technology must drastically simplify compliance management and minimize the staff time required to supervise it.

      Legacy investments 

      As their IT environments evolve, SMBs inevitably collect a variety of limited SMB backup solutions that cannot be easily integrated or globally managed. The result is often a fragmented approach to SMB backup that results in data silos, frustration and, when tools are misconfigured, data loss and corruption.

    • Comprehensive SMB backup technology from Dell

    • Dell Technologies is a market leader in SMB and enterprise backup solutions and data protection technology. Protecting data capital from edge to core to cloud, Dell backup software, backup storage and backup solutions provide powerful and cost-effective backup, recovery, archiving and replication solutions that increase uptime, avoid data loss, simplify management and reduce costs.

      Dell SMB backup solutions include:

      • Backup appliances and Integrated Data Protection Appliances that provide powerful data protection and backup capabilities in a single appliance that is easy to deploy and manage.
      • Data protection and backup software that accelerates backups and recovery significantly for mission-critical applications.
      • Data protection and backup solutions for cyber recovery, virtualized environments and cloud environments.

    • The benefits of SMB backup solutions from Dell

    • SMB backup systems from Dell offer a number of significant advantages.

      • Reduced costs. Dell solutions for SMB backup reduce costs by significantly improving deduplication to minimize the required footprint for secondary storage. Accelerated backups help to minimize the need for and cost of LAN and WAN bandwidth. And automated processes and easy-to-use management tools minimize the cost of staff resources required to manage backup.
      • Faster backups. Dell backup technology accelerates backups and recovery and reduces network bandwidth requirements significantly.
      • Easier management. With Dell, IT teams get a single solution to globally manage SMB backup for everything from laptops to the largest data center, and across all environments – physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid.
      • Cloud-enabled technology. Dell provides cloud ready technology that delivers cloud disaster recovery, protection for long-term cloud retention and in-cloud backups.
      • Faster deployment. With Dell, SMB backup solutions can be quickly deployed to ensure protection of business-critical data.

    • Integrated appliances are the perfect SMB backup technology

    • Dell offers a broad range of appliances for data protection that are ideal for SMB backup requirements. Dell appliances include:

      • Dell Integrated Data Protection Appliances (IDPAs). These converged hardware/software solutions provide complete capabilities for backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, along with cloud extensibility for disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud. IDPAs simplify deployment and management while delivering powerful capabilities and a lower cost-to-protect. IDPAs can be deployed quickly provide tools that simplify backups and automate tasks such as monitoring, management, reporting, analytics and search.
      • Dell Data Domain. A highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance. The entry-level to mid-range Data Domain systems are ideal for SMB backup requirements, delivering enterprise-class protection storage in a compact, 2U storage appliance that is purpose built for industry-leading backup, archiving, disaster recovery and long-term cloud retention.

    • FAQs

    • What are Dell solutions for SMB backup?

      Dell offers comprehensive SMB backup solutions that include integrated appliances, advanced backup software and backup solutions for cyber recovery, virtualized environments and cloud backup.

      How do integrated appliances simplify SMB backup?

      Integrated appliances combine software and hardware in a comprehensive solution for data protection and backup. Dell integrated appliances help to simplify management of backup, recovery, deduplication, replication, archiving, disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud.

      What types of backup software does Dell offer for SMB backup?

      Dell offers a variety of software solutions for SMB backup. 

      • PowerProtect Software is the next step in the transformation from traditional data protection to comprehensive data management. PowerProtect Software enables you to set protection policies, backup and recover, deduplicate and tier physical and virtual workloads. Data owners and admins can protect critical workloads directly from native interfaces while IT maintains governance and compliance. PowerProtect Software offers SaaS reporting and monitoring to easily analyze and troubleshoot distributed environments from anywhere.  
      • NetWorker enables centralized backup and recovery that bridges traditional and next-generation workloads to safeguard information across the data center.
      • Data Protection Advisor provides unified and automated monitoring, analysis and reporting across backup and recovery environments.
      • Avamar is a deduplication software that delivers fast, daily full backups and single-step data recovery.
      • Search delivers unified index, search and recovery capabilities that provide fast, specific and accurate results.

      Do Dell solutions provide SMB backup to the cloud?

      Yes. Dell solutions offer SMB backup for long-term retention in the cloud, in-cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery, as well as hybrid cloud backup that enables organizations to eliminate tape backups to reduce TCO.

      Can Dell technology protect virtualized environments for SMB backup?

      Yes. Dell technology provides automation, integration with VMware and comprehensive coverage for virtualized environments on-premises and in the cloud.

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