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    • Streamline Microsoft SQL backup with Dell

    • Many organizations rely on Microsoft SQL Server for a variety of essential business services – which makes choosing a SQL backup solution a business-critical decision. As data volumes continue to grow exponentially and meeting strict protection Service Level Objectives (SLOs) becomes more challenging, many IT teams have considered allowing database administrators to do their own backups. But this approach makes it difficult to ensure compliance with corporate retention policies and with a wide variety of industry regulations.

      Data Protection solutions provide high-performance, self-service data protection technology for Microsoft SQL backup that help to ensure SLO compliance through IT governance and automation. 

    • Discover PowerProtect Software

      PowerProtect Software offers data management, data protection, deduplication and self-service backup and recovery.

    • The obstacles to successful SQL backup

    • As organizations consider the best approach to SQL backup, there are number of challenges they must take into account.

      Growing data volumes
      As the amount of data that needs to be protected continues to grow exponentially, the cost and complexity of SQL backup continues to rise as well. SQL backup solutions must scale easily to meet data protection requirements both today and tomorrow.

      Evolving regulations
      Regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR add increasing complexity to SQL backup. The right backup solution must help ensure compliance with regulations and minimize the effort required to respond to legal and regulatory inquiries.

      Rising costs
      More data to back up means higher cost for storage, bandwidth and management. The best SQL backup solution can help to minimize costs even as data volumes continue to grow.

      Performance requirements
      As data volumes grow, the length of backup windows and their impact on performance can increase as well. Superior SQL backup solutions must help to minimize any adverse impact on performance.

      Complex environments
      IT environments today are more complex than ever, with data residing in multiple geographically dispersed locations. Any SQL backup must provide administrators with tools to easily manage backups across public, private and hybrid clouds as well as on-premises storage.

    • Dell solutions for SQL backup

    • As a global leader in data protection solutions, Dell provides intelligent data systems that simplify SQL backup while reducing costs, minimizing storage footprints and streamlining compliance.

      Combining SQL backup software, appliances and targeted solutions, Dell helps to protect Microsoft SQL databases with industry-leading solutions that automate tasks, reduce risk and optimize workloads at scale.

      Data protection solutions for SQL backup include:

      • Data protection appliances: Cloud-enabled protection storage, software-defined solutions and integrated appliances significantly reduce the complexity of SQL backup.
      • Data protection software: Next-generation data backup and protection software from Dell helps to simplify management, protect data assets and unlock more value from SQL databases.
      • Data protection solutions: Dell cloud data backup technology enables cloud disaster recovery, long-term retention to the cloud and in-cloud backup. Dell cyber recovery solutions help protect critical data, identify suspicious activity and perform data recovery when required. And virtualization solutions offer protection for VMware environments while delivering higher performance, superior deduplication, lower bandwidth usage and a lower cost to protect.

    • Top reasons to choose Dell for SQL backup

    • Dell provides distinct advantages for organizations seeking to improve SQL backup.

      • Self-service capabilities: Dell eliminates the complexity of traditional backup software and lets database administrators protect their data using native tools.
      • High-performance data paths: Dell makes it easy to meet stringent protection SLOs with technology that can make backups faster and reduce storage utilization and network bandwidth.
      • Easier governance: The Dell management and automation platform provides protection plans defined by your backup team to monitor, proactively manage and enforce SLO compliance.
      • Automated protection: Routine processes can be automated to streamline protection and defend against human error. The Dell platform provides automatic discovery of databases, storage and copies. As new SQL databases are added, they are automatically assigned the appropriate protection plan to reduce the possibility of important data going unprotected.
      • VMware workloads: Protect new VMs quickly with guided onboarding and manage VMware workloads from a single console. Leverage instant access and application-aware SQL backup for greater efficiency.

    • Calculate your savings on SQL backup with Dell

    • Your cost-to-protect (CTP) is the expense required monthly to protect your data. Our cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator can help you project your savings with SQL backup technology, enabling you to reduce operational and capital costs more easily. Calculations are based on the number of gigabytes stored, the cost of your data protection solution and other criteria.

    • FAQs

    • What is Microsoft SQL server?
      Microsoft SQL server is a relational database management system that is typically used for transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications.

      What is Microsoft SQL backup?
      SQL backup is the task of copying data from SQL databases and storing it in on-premises or cloud storage to safeguard against data loss, corruption, compromise or theft.

      Why is deduplication important for SQL backup?
      Dell advanced deduplication dramatically reduces the amount of data to be transferred during SQL backup, helping to minimize the cost of storage and WAN bandwidth as well as CPU utilization.

      Does Dell offer SQL backup for virtualized environments?
      Yes. Dell protects VMware workloads with automated VMware backup and VMware recovery.

      Does Dell offer backup for other databases and applications?
      Yes. Dell Data Protection technology provides best-of-breed solutions for IBM, SAP and Oracle cloud backup and recovery as well as backup to tape or disk.

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