• Digital Workplace

    • The Importance of a Highly Connected Digital Workplace

    • Any employee can suddenly become a remote employee. It’s a lesson that will have lasting influence on your digital workplace technology planning. And it’s one that highlights that the value of an IT environment is perhaps best measured by how seamlessly it connects data and people regardless of location.

      The goal is a digital workplace where your mobile workforce gathers and naturally forms into dynamic teams around the free-flowing exchange of ideas and secure sharing of documents and data. We can help you build a secure, fully integrated workforce portal that facilitates this level of communication and collaboration. We can also provide expert guidance to help you maximize the power of Microsoft Office 365: network readiness assessment, migration planning, deployment, adoption acceleration, telephony integration, network administration, user support and more.


    • Work at Full Speed - Workforce Solution

      New Latitude family is designed to start up, charge and connect faster to improve your work productivity.

    • Services for Digital Workplace Success

    • One can’t do it all, and quite often it’s better not to try… not because of being incapable, but because of all the benefits of hiring an expert who is super-capable. Yes, they’ll probably complete the task faster and maybe better than you, but if you’re smart, you’ll spend a little time observing and asking questions, or at least send in a junior team member. Just like that, you’ll have a new bit of expertise for your toolbox. And if they’re an expert from Dell Technologies Services, it’ll be more than just a bit. We give you access to experts from every corner of IT that bring big-picture understanding to their particular area of expertise. They’re never there just to complete an assigned task, they’re there to help you to achieve as much success as possible.

      Consulting Services. From strategic planning to implementation, our experts will help you attain tailored digital workplace solutions that achieve your goals and deliver lasting value.
      Deployment Services. Nothing streamlines a digital workplace deployment like a small army of highly experienced technicians. They’ll get you up and ROIing fast while you and your team stay focused on the strategizing for your next goal.
      Support Services. Take full advantage of remote desktop management capabilities with AI-enhanced support services that maximize productivity, uptime and user satisfaction.
      Managed Services. Dell Technologies offers comprehensive solutions for backup, storage, converged infrastructure, VMware, VDI and more, all with guaranteed service levels.
      Education Services. Empower your team with the training and certifications to lead and execute workforce innovation strategies that drive genuine competitive advantage for the business.
      Cloud Services. Our fully integrated multicloud platforms can custom built to meet the specific requirements of your digital workplace is a sure way to garner agility, scalability and savings

    • How to Apply User-Centered Design Principles to Your Digital Workplace

    • A successful digital workplace is one built around the needs of the people who use it. But before you can do that, you need to see those needs. Dell Technologies Workforce Persona Services categorize your users into defined personas enabling you to identify various populations within your workforce. You’ll gain critical intelligence about how each one uses technology to do their jobs. With these insights to guide the way, you’ll be able to select devices and services confident that you are delivering personalized digital workplace experiences that motivate, inspire and enable productivity.

      The process mixes direct user engagement with data collection and analysis. An automated data-collection tool is deployed on your network to assess the usage of up to 5,000 users from across your organization. Then we’ll complete the picture by surveying and interviewing users and stakeholders. You’ll come away with a detailed view of your users and recommendations of workforce solutions that would maximize satisfaction and productivity. Objective knowledge that’ll payoff with well-informed digital workspace planning, smart investments and optimized software license utilization.

    • FAQ – What’s Preventing You from Migrating to the Cloud?

    • • All that time, cost and disruption… how does anyone rally enough support to make the leap? Simple, they don’t leap, they do it in steps. Dell Technologies hybrid cloud solutions allow you to build on your existing capabilities so migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
      • So no more feeling trapped in yesterday’s magic box? Dell Technologies Cloud makes it possible to seamlessly expand your environment into the cloud as needed. And because you’d be adding to your current environment, you’ll continue to realize value from those investments.
      • Just to be clear, I don’t need to budget to replace infrastructure? By modernizing your data center incrementally to meet your needs, you’ll tie scale and value directly to demand, and migrate to the cloud at a pace organically in step with the needs of the business. By blending CapEx and OpEx, you’ll make a significant IT transformation much more affordable.
      • Won’t an incremental approach result in a complex mix of incompatible clouds that need to be managed separately? VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail is a complete, unified, automated multicloud solution that simplifies management and operations.
      • Won’t re-platforming cause costly disruptions? By retaining familiar technologies, you’ll be able to migrate your digital workplace to the cloud with minimal disruptions.

    • PC as a Service

      Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one solution.

    • SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware

      Transform networking with SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware, a simple and powerful all-in-one solution.

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

      VDI edge to core to cloud VDI solutions empower your workforce and deliver secure, high-performance computing experiences.