• Virtual Workspace

    • A Virtual Workspace for Productivity in the Real World

    • On a train or a plane. At a client’s or a cafe. In a warehouse or their own house. No matter where your remote employees are, it’s up to you to provide them with a connected, secured fully equipped virtual workspace with all the performance and personalization they need to stay productive. Let Dell Technologies help you build a virtual workspace that delivers real-world results.

    • Remote Work

      Remote workforce and collaboration solutions enable employees to work from home and keep projects on track.

    • Innovative Technologies at the Heart of the Virtual Workspace

    • With workforce innovations from edge to core to cloud, Dell Technologies is your single-source partner for virtual workspace technology paired with services that enable remote employees to be productive from anywhere, simplify management and support (also from anywhere) while accelerating ROI and maximizing savings.

      Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Thin/light devices, high performance and next-level security in a virtual workspace solution made for simplified remote management.
      SD-WAN. Best-in-class performance from a compact all-in-one solution for enabling remote workers to access network resources from anywhere.
      Dell Technologies Cloud. A fully integrated multicloud platform that streamlines operations with a consistent management experience.
      Unified Workspace. Comprehensive cloud-based deployment, security and support for the virtual workspace.
      Microsoft Office 365. A complete environment spanning everything from productivity apps, communication and collaboration, security and remote network management.

    • Services for the Virtual Workspace

    • Dell Technologies Services gives you access to strategic and technical experts from every area of IT. Aside from being exceptional in their particular area, all of our consultants share a talent for understanding the importance of their work to the rest of a project, and the importance of a project in the context of the entire network and the mission of IT as a whole. For our consultants, a job well done is one where the task is completed masterfully, much learning is imparted and many seeds of future success are sown.

      Consulting. Strategic planning to implementation, garner tailored virtual workspace solutions that deliver lasting value.
      Deployment. Minimize disruptions and accelerate ROI by deploying a team of highly experienced technicians for your deployment.
      Support. Fully leverage virtual workplace management capabilities with AI-enhanced support that maximizes productivity.
      Core Management. Backup, storage, converged infrastructure, VMware, VDI and more, all with guaranteed service levels.
      Education Services. Training and certifications to lead and execute transformative workforce innovation strategies.
      Cloud Services. Expert guidance to a fully integrated multicloud platform built to meet the specific requirements of your virtual workspace.

    • Create a Virtual Workspace with Microsoft Office 365

    • Microsoft Office 365 offers a wide range of benefits, including lower costs, more predictable IT budgeting, superior functionality, increased productivity and flexible deployment. However, when moving your workforce services from an on-premises solution to either a hybrid or cloud environment there are a number of key factors that must be considered for a successful transition:

      Security. Features such as Data Loss Protection (DLP) and encryption are available to protect private and sensitive data, including for users under the auspices of eDiscovery.
      Identity. While most identity requirements are consistent with Active Directory, some adjustments may be necessary to bring all settings into alignment.
      Business Resiliency. Business resiliency features are built in, however, on-premises infrastructure may need updates to support cloud resiliency.
      Network Readiness. Network quality is critical, so calculation of anticipated workloads must be done correctly and capacity adjusted accordingly.
      Migration Prep. Discovering sources of content and choosing which to migrate, integrate or retire requires a highly detailed methodology.
      Exceptions. Some content will require special handling or have migration restrictions, some might simply be incompatible with Office 365. Best to discover and segregate these exceptions in advance.
      Add-Ons. It’s best to identify in advance applications that will need remediation or replacement of third-party add-ons.
      IT Changes. The move to cloud-based services means learning a whole new way of managing the business for IT. Training and communication are key.

    • Remote Teaching and Learning Solutions

      Dell Technologies assists education institutions to enable remote learning and school from home solutions.

    • PC as a Service

      Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) simplifies PC lifecycle management by combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into one solution.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud: Integrated Cloud Platform

      Dell Technologies Cloud is a hybrid cloud solution that simplifies operations and improves cloud economics through a consistent management experience.