• Why Dell CSM

      Simple, consistent, integrated and automated experience for enterprise storage and cloud native stateful applications

    • Container Storage Modules

      Bring powerful enterprise storage features and functionality to your Kubernetes for easier adoption of cloud native workloads, improved productivity and scalable operations. Bridge gaps between developers and IT teams with capabilities such as provisioning, snapshotting, replication, observability, authorization and resiliency for containerized workloads.

    • Replication Module

      Easily extend data protection and DR planning to Kubernetes workloads with consistent policy enforcement and user experience.

    • Observability Module

      Create a single pane management experience for your developers and K8 admins by integrating tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

    • Resiliency Module

      Improve application up-time with automatic detection and recovery of node failures.

    • App Mobility Module1

      Clone stateful application workloads and application data to other Kubernetes clusters (either on-premises or in the cloud) using a single command.

    • Snapshot Module

      Build on CSI’s point-in-time recovery with additional capabilities such as group/crash consistent snapshots with referential integrity.

    • Authorization Module

      Apply quota and RBAC rules that instantly and automatically restrict cluster tenants' usage of storage resources.

    • Encryption Module1

      Transparently add host side encryption to a volume, allowing for encryption both at rest and in motion (using familiar external key managers such as HashiCorp Vault).


      Dell Technologies Named Leader for Second Consecutive Year

      "Dell’s Container Storage Modules are industry-leading extensions to the CSI, enabling advanced data services for Kubernetes-based environments backed by Dell storage. The effort and urgency that Dell is putting into adding capabilities to its portfolio is significant.”

      GigaOm Radar Report for Enterprise Kubernetes Data Storage

    • Container Storage Interface

      Available for Dell’s entire storage portfolio, our Container Storage Interface (CSI) drivers expose block, file and unstructured storage systems to containerized workloads on Container Orchestration Systems (COs) like Kubernetes.

    • 1Currently in tech preview, available upon customer request