Data Here, There, Anywhere: Putting Integration in the Cloud

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Last year, I read an article that stated there were now 2,500 new SaaS companies with an application portfolio growing at 5X of the pace of on-premise applications.  While the popularity of SaaS applications and cloud has increased dramatically, and brought greater productivity to users, I believe there is a misperception that integration will be easier.  Certainly the opportunities and efficiencies of cloud would cause IT to think this way, but there is a larger task ahead. 

I ran a Google search on the phrase “Cloud Integration” and discovered there is not enough volume to show graphs but organizations still have enough difficulty that job site claims to have over 5,200 postings related to this topic.   The same Google search on “Cloud Architect” lacked enough data for graphs but yielded 4,100 postings on  So, one should come to believe the integration task is more important than the building?   Fact is, with more data (mobile, social media, RFID) being spread out into different platforms, integration issues will not go away because of cloud. 

If you are an IT executive and considering the consumption of cloud services, you have to ask yourself how are you going to bring all the data together?  Gartner published its own warning on the shift toward greater integration efforts with a predictions that, “Through 2016, organizations will continue to spend more of their IT budget on application integration than on building new applications.  By 2016, 50% of new integration projects will involve on-premise applications, e-commerce trading partners and cloud services.”

To underline the importance of integration-as-a-service from C2C (Cloud to Cloud), C2Op (Cloud to On-premise), and Op2Op (On-premise to On-premise) Dell Boomi is offering a live seminar featuring a Gartner Analyst and Dell Boomi customer. We hope you’ll take 60min and learn more during a live Boomi webinar.  Please register here

Integration PaaS: Enabling the Global Integrated Enterprise

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

In this live, limited-registration webinar, Massimo Pezzini, VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner Research will introduce the notion and industry impact of iPaaS, a cloud-based alternative to integration middleware, and Pradip Sitaram, SVP & CIO, Enterprise Business Partners LLC will illustrate how iPaaS enabled a transformational cloud strategy by providing dramatically faster time-to-value and lower cost of integration.    Topics covered will include:

  • What is iPaaS and how will it evolve
  • When should users consider iPaaS as an alternative to integration middleware
  • Live questions from the audience (seats are limited)

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Topics in this article