• Dell APEX Subscriptions

    Simplified cloud experiences with Dell APEX Subscriptions

    Enjoy more agility and control while paying only for what you use.

      • Subscribe to your preferred on-premises infrastructure and services with greater convenience

        Dell APEX Subscriptions provide the ultimate choice and consistency for achieving differentiated outcomes. Tailor capabilities and services according to your needs. We deliver exactly what you want, available as-a-Service and on your schedule. Simply pay for what you use each month – all on your terms. Experience unparalleled simplicity, agility, and control with Dell APEX.

      • 50%

        overall IT staff efficiencies1

      • 64%

        faster to deploy new resources2

      • 91%

        less unplanned downtime1

    • Align costs with usage through a modern pay-per-use consumption model

      With traditional procurement models, forecasting future workloads is challenging and can result in over- or under-provisioning, leading to wasted resources or unwanted downtime and the associated costs.

      Dell APEX Subscriptions help you align costs with actual use by pre-deploying buffer capacity to help reduce the cost of over-provisioning and the risk of under-provisioning. You can elastically scale capacity up and down within the buffer, paying only for the capacity you use at one consistent rate with no overage fees.

    • Design APEX Subscriptions in 3 easy steps

      • 2

        Select your services

        Deployment and support are required with APEX Subscriptions. You can add additional infrastructure and managed services to support people, processes and workloads to meet your business needs.

      • 3

        Pay for what you use

        Gain financial flexibility by aligning expenses with actual versus anticipated usage and get peace of mind by capping monthly billing at 85% usage of total installed capacity an offer unmatched by other infrastructure providers.3

    • 1 Source: An IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies: The Business Value of Dell APEX Pay-Per-Use Solutions, December 2023. Actual results may vary. Full report

      2 Source: An IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies: The Business Value of Dell APEX Multicloud and As-a-Service Solutions, August 2023. Actual results may vary. Full report

      3 Available with Dell Flex on Demand for Storage, Data Protection, and VxRail. Dark sites, non-metered deployments, and customers non-compliant with their contract terms are not eligible. 85% billing cap excludes servers.