Steward Healthcare

    • Delivering better patient care on a broader scale

    • With acquisitions and mergers quadrupling the size of Steward Health Care’s network of hospitals and urgent care centers across nine U.S. states and the nation of Malta, the organization relies on best-in-class Dell EMC IT infrastructure including NVMe storage to support 40,000 healthcare professionals and 6 million patient encounters annually.

    • “PowerMax saves us thousands of dollars annually on power costs and frees up valuable data center
      ”space for future expansion of our IT services.

      – Michael Hale, Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture & Engineering, Steward Health Care

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    • Treating patients without having to wait for data

      PowerMax provides Steward with greater response time, higher IOPS and bandwidth, and better performance overall. The solution has under 1 ms latency, so healthcare professionals don’t have to wait for data. Now, they can provide better care to patients in real time.

    • Saving thousands in reduced power and data center costs

      With Dell Technologies storage solutions, Steward can consistently deliver. PowerMax reduces its MEDITECH storage footprint from 3 racks to 1, while doubling storage capacity in a single cabinet. It also makes sure there is zero downtime, so care is always available for those who need it.

    • Customer: Steward Healthcare
      Industry: Healthcare
      Location: U.S. and Malta

      • Integrations

      • PowerMax
        PowerMax provides scalable and reliable storage that saves Steward time and money.

      • VxRail
        With VxRail, Steward can run a telemedicine service that provides remote ICU monitoring.

      • XtremIO
        XtremIO provides the additional storage Steward needs to function smoothly.

      • PowerScale
        Steward can store 4 PB of unstructured data across 30 nodes with PowerScale.

      • PowerProtect DD Series Appliances
        PowerProtect allows Steward to back up vital patient and business data.

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.